Marienville Trail Riders Snowmobile Club is a local snowmobile club based in Marienville, PA and is jointly a member of the PA State Snowmobile Association (PSSA). The PSSA is an organization of individuals, local snowmobile clubs,businesses, and snow craft manufacturers interested in promoting snowmobiling.

Marienville Trail Riders Purchase A BR180 Groomer

The Marienville Trail Riders Snowmobile Club purchased a 2008 BR 180 Bombardier groomer from Chautauqua Snowmobile Club this past spring of 2016.  Club members, Dan Stevenson, Dave Timothy, Jerry Thornton, Hank Bauer, Jerry Beichner, Ed Fiejdasz and Joe Rodgers have been busy preparing the machine for use.  Dave Timothy was instrumental in acquiring a $25,000.00 grant to pay for the machine while the club payed the remaining $10,000.00.  Ed Fiejdasz was able to acquire another grant to purchase the drag and was able to obtain 6 business supporters for signage that was placed on the drag.  Dan Stevenson and Ed Fiejdasz took the groomer and drag out on December 16, 2016 for a trial run and were happy with its use.  They went out Trail 1 down the steep hill and made the sharp turn to Salmon Creek and according to Dan Stevenson, the operator, was satisfied with the performance.  The club has a track truck groomer with a smaller drag that the club has been using for several years.  It has been doing a good job but with the addition of this newer groomer, the Marienville Trail Riders will be able to do twice the amount of grooming.  As most now, grooming money from DCNR was cut from over $90, 0 00.00 to less than $20,000.00.  The US Forest Service used to do all of the grooming for Trail 1 of The Allegheny National Forest 115 mile loop.  The Forest Service is still grooming the trails near the Longhouse trail near Kinzua and the remaining 115 mile loop is going to be groomed by the three local snowmobile clubs.  Forest County Snowmobile Club will groom the trails near Kellettille and head north toward Chapman Dam State Park.  The Marienville Trail Riders will groom around Marienville and head toward Russell City.  The Highland Snow Seekers will Groom from Russell City toward Westline and north toward the rt. 321 Parking lot of the US Forest Service.  These clubs could use your membership and/or your support in their fundraising activities.   Thanks to Albrecht Electric, Bettina’s Restaurant, Bob’s Trading Post, Chris Tire Service, Forest Recreation, Kelly Hotel.  Mike Loriman Trucking and The Shop from Jamestown, Pa., for their support of the sign advertisements on the drag.

Dave, Dan, Jim,  Hank, Jerry B, and Rick.  Thanks for all of the help in removing that bridge.  It was a day of fun in the sun with Curt.  I am having some issues with my laptop but when I rec the pictures, I will forward them to you all.  A special thanks to Joe LeClair for showing up with the chop saw.  It made the job of cutting the pipe very easy.  Hope your feeling better, Joe..  The bridge on Blue Jay at Slater Run is finished and Duffys has moved into Straight Run to start the install.  Hope to see you all at the snowmobile meeting in June.  JT​

Map of the trails around Marienville